Hello and welcome.

Whether you suffer feelings of self-consciousness, or struggle thinking of things to say, find yourself stuck in your head, or find you struggle to be yourself, then I hope that the content here will be of help. What shall be covered?

  • Identifying your specific sources of discomfort, unease & inhibition within social situations
  • Strategies to cope with the most common challenging situations
  • Identifying the beliefs at the root of shyness and social anxiety

I believe that…

  • Everyone’s a wonderful amazing person’ it’s a question of identifying and removing the barriers that prevent their true personality coming out
  • Everyone is social in their own way, it’s just a matter of removing the pressure to not come across as shy, awkward, quiet or nervous
  • Nobody is a lost cause

You certainly won’t be told to ‘just loosen up’, ‘be confident’, ‘just get out more’ since that can be about as useless as a chocolate teapot.

What’s this site about?

This site is a collection of insights into becoming more socially confident and of understanding the mechanics of how social anxiety and confidence works based on my own experience & studying.