Hello and welcome.

Whether you suffer feelings of self-consciousness, or struggle thinking of things to say, find yourself stuck in your head, or find you struggle to be yourself, then I hope that the content here will be of help. If that’s the case then being told ‘just be more confident’, ‘just get out there’, ‘loosen up’ has probably been about as useful as a chocolate teapot. What shall be covered?

  • Identifying your specific sources of discomfort, unease & inhibition within social situations
  • Strategies to cope with the most common challenging situations
  • Identifying the beliefs at the root of shyness and social anxiety

I believe that…

  • Everyone’s a wonderful amazing person’ it’s a question of identifying and removing the barriers that prevent their true personality coming out
  • One of the keys to overcoming is removing the pressure to not come across as shy, awkward, quiet or nervous
  • Nobody is a lost cause

What’s this site about?

This site is a collection of insights into becoming more socially confident and of understanding the mechanics of how social anxiety and confidence works based on my own experience, studying and interpretations.

Since social anxiety if severe can interfere with people’s quality of life and can prevent many of our innate emotional needs from being met, it deserves great attention, not only to itself, but also to problems that can result from the unhappy circumstances that shyness and social anxiety can precipitate. This site also covers other problems, such as loneliness, depression, insomnia and problem drinking & will attempt to shatter some myths & explore the relationship between them all. The relationship been these problems, social anxiety and emotional needs is also explored.