This section of the site is focused on specific conversation skills such as starting conversations, keeping them going, recovering from awkward silences, handling group conversation and other specific skills to handle social situations.

Conversation skills vs. social anxiety

It’s important to differentiate between conversation skills and anxiety or sources of discomfort within social situations that might make make these skills difficult to put into effect (such as self-consciousness). The section of the site on ‘social anxiety and shyness’ addresses factors that affect your comfort levels, how at ease you feel and various sources of anxiety that might make these skills difficult to put into effect. This is mentioned because in the absence of anxiety, some people’s conversation skills are perfectly fine & they only struggle in situations where they’re feeling uncomfortable and anxious. Many of the articles here will have a section at the bottom saying ‘what makes this difficult to put into effect’ making reference to anxiety factors that are talked about in greater detail in the social anxiety section.

Not knowing what to do can be a source of social anxiety

Sometimes, if you’re not sure how to go about things like how to start a conversation, not knowing what to say, how to handle groups, how to recover from awkward silences, how to mingle, can be a source of anxiety and discomfort. The goal of this section is to give a guidance if this is an area you find difficult.


Starting conversations with new people; top strategies

Keeping conversations going and avoiding silences; strategies

Common problem areas & trouble spots

Understanding the causes of awkward silences


some building blocks of conversation