Coverage of non-lockdown countries? Why so one-sided?

One thing that everyone should be aware of and should be questioning is the lack of media reporting on countries that didn’t ‘lockdown’ (mass-quarantine healthy people, restrict people seeing friends and family). It was either bashing or no coverage.

Sweden vs. Belarus; spring 2020

Did anyone notice;

  • The media was continually bashing Sweden
  • Yet bashed Belarus initially, then WENT QUIET

Yet NEVER mentioned ANYTHING about other countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Tanzania, or US states like South Dakota, Florida.

Belarus was bribed to lockdown ($940million), but refused

Belarus was offered a ‘covid relief aid’ from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund of $940 million dollars in the spring 2020. The president sensibly told those scumbags to shove it. When the calamity didn’t happen, the mainstream media went quiet. Europe’s last dictatorship became one of the few free countries in Europe.


Why did so many poor countries follow the lockdown mania? What happened in Belarus, don’t you think happened in many poorer countries?


Why has media coverage been so one-sided? Why are they doing this? Isn’t it logical to conclude they don’t want people to know about non-lockdown countries and US states? It’s clearly not about public health but using the crisis to usher-in control and totalitarianism. The perpetrators are not nation states, but supra-national organisations of a consortium of unelected billionaires (e.g. World Bank, IMF etc.) who control the media (copycatting Mr. Putin; former head of KGB & using subversion tactics (not wise)). Subversion of democracy will not be tolerated. The real enemy is not the crisis, but those exploiting it. It should be glaringly obvious, it’s power, not public health. The lack of reporting and coverage of non-lockdown countries and states is purely an attempt to sell the regime.

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