The internet is too centralised

I thought the internet was originally meant to be de-centralised. What’s happened is that it’s become under the control of a handful of top-down mega corporations. The keyword here is top-down.

There is less consumer choice

Monopoly; the main players have such a monopoly over the market that people are simply unaware of alternatives to the big platforms and feel they have no choice. The social media giants have effectively created a ‘captive market’.

The legacy platforms have become too ‘top-down’

Enough said. They’re too centrally-controlled. The big platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are a far cry from what the internet was originally set-up to be. In those legacy sites; the user revolves around the platform. The internet should be the platform revolves around the user. It’s fine for small fledgeling sites, in a marketplace where there is consumer choice (which is what Section 230 legislation was designed to protect).

The legacy platforms are abusing moderation (because they can)

There’s a difference between moderation and censorship. Moderation is not about censoring opinions the owners personally don’t agree with, but about preventing harrassment, incivility, threats of violence, indecent material and so-forth. For a blunt list what role moderation should & shouldn’t cover;

Social media censorship; COVID

The main players are not politically-neutral

A recent example is the banning of the former president of the USA when he lost the election. It doesn’t matter whether you like or loathe the man, we saw how when he lost the US election the big companies in unison banned him. That is evidence that these companies are partisan, top-down, centralised. It doesn’t matter what your political views are, these companies shouldn’t be so partisan. The very act of what they’ve done tells the world that they’re not politically-neutral (which is going to cost them customers).

The big boys don’t like ‘block chain’-based systems because it’s decentralised

Puts the user back in control. The big players are crazy for power. There are up-and-coming sites such as Dtube and Sociall that are alternatives to Youtube and Facebook respectively based on a so-called ‘block chain’ model. As of writing I don’t know a lot about it, but it sounds more like a user-centric system rather than a top-down, centrally-controlled system. Well worth having a check out.

In conclusion

The internet is becoming further from what it was originally set-up for, and used to be. It is now dominated by a handful of mega-corporations who’re very top-down & centralized, the very OPPOSITE of what the internet was originally meant for and used to be. It has shifted from being user-centric to being platform-centric.

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